Undergraduate Curriculum committee

Receives, evaluates, and collects guidelines and timetables for all undergraduate McCoy College curricular requests, including program and course changes, new degree programs, and new course proposals. Develops and implements cycle for undergraduate core curriculum review. Undertakes a major curriculum review and revision of the undergraduate business curriculum at least every five years. Works with Assessment Committee to ensure appropriate data are collected from all stakeholders necessary to evaluate effectiveness of the McCoy College curriculum. Evaluates curriculum assessment data and recommends adjustments to the dean, the College council, and, where appropriate, the faculty. Specifies learning goals for each undergraduate degree program. Works with Core Course Coordinators to collect and monitor core course syllabi on a regular basis to determine the coverage of topics in core courses and oversees development of knowledge, skills and abilities for each course. Coordinates with departments offering certificate programs to evaluate those programs. Monitors the business minor program and provides recommendations for modification.

Membership 2009-2010 Term Expires
ACC Dr. Elaine Eikner         
CIS/QMST Dr. Jaymeen Shah
FIN/ECO Dr. Paul Gowens
MGT Dr. Eric Kirby
MKT Dr. Enrique Becerra
  Dr. Jon Bible, Chair, ex-officio
  Dr. John McGee, ex-officio
  Ms. Chandra Bilson, ex-officio
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